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The day was Sunday, July 20, 2014…the day of Brandon & Pat’s Bali Hai wedding after almost a decade as domestic partners!


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This wedding almost left me speechless. Pat & Brandon’s love story is quite an awe-inspiring & joyous one. Then to find out a month before the wedding that Pat’s dad was diagnosed with the same deadly cancer my dad died of (stage 4 pancreatic cancer) was simply devastating & opened a lot of old wounds. In the short time since his diagnosis, Pat’s dad has already started & finished as much chemotherapy as he could tolerate. *Note: Pat’s dad passed away a few days after the wedding 🙁


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Following his father’s wishes, Pat did his best to enjoy his wedding & celebrate. Rest assured, nobody was more equipped & ready to help this kind & generous couple raise the roof than a fellow pancreatic cancer “victim”!!! The Polynesian restaurant, the Bali Hai, was the perfect backdrop for this wedding because Pat is from Guam and his brother got married there a few years earlier (almost to the day).


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For the ceremony prelude, cocktail hour, & dinner music, the grooms selected Hawaiian music. The ceremony processional was Enya’s timeless “Caribbean Blue.” During the lei presentation ceremony, the interlude was “Aloha Kaua” by Kawika. The grooms wanted to dance down the aisle after kissing, so the recessional choice was the Glee version of “I Wanna Dance with Somebody.” While the ceremony music was certainly lovely, the ceremony was what really shined.


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“In 2007, Brandon was on a business trip in Hawaii. Unfortunately, Pat was not able to attend, but, if he had, Brandon was planning to propose on the beach. All Brandon could think about was Pat, and how he wished they were together. Before the end of his trip, Brandon happened to walk into Tiffany and saw two gorgeous rings. He knew they were the rings he could see both of them wearing forever. While on the plane ride home, Brandon planned out exactly how he was going to finally pop the question. The next day, Brandon had sprinkled paper scraps around their apartment with special dates written on them, each with it’s own candle. As soon as Pat got home from work, Brandon had him change into his PJs and guided him to the start of what was to be an emotional journey. They collected each paper scrap and reminisced about the special memory from that particular date and lit the candle. A few months later, months on the paper that is, the last paper was sitting on top of the ring box and simply read ‘Forever.'”

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While the Grand Entrance created a standing ovation, the highlight of dinner was definitely when Island Inspirations performed. They did a variety of hula-type dances from around the various Polynesian islands and even had a fire dancer! But Pat wowed everyone when he got up (in costume) to join the dancers–woo woo! Not to be outdone, shortly thereafter Brandon snuck to a back corner of the venue and began singing acappella. Guests were looking around wondering where Brandon was…..hmhmhmhm….He emerged on to the dance floor and serenaded Pat with Elton John’s “Your Song.” About half way through the song, he cued me and I started the instrumental background music to accompany him. The crowd went wild. At the end of Brandon’s performance, we faded over to “Work Bitch” by Britney Spears to kick off the dancing at this Bali Hai wedding!

Same Sex Bali Hai Wedding
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It was truly a wonderful evening. The grooms each presented roses to their mothers during the Mother-Son dances too. The cake was topped with a mini Star Trek Voyager and a mini bottle of hot sauce–too cute. We partied hard until 10:30! Thanks to Pat & Brandon for the very thoughtful testimonial as well (see the video here).

If you’re in need of a San Diego female wedding DJ for your Bali Hai wedding, contact me today!


Same Sex Bali Hai Wedding
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Same Sex Bali Hai Wedding
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