Happy Music Monday 🙂 Listen to DJ Staci’s original mix combining Gretchen Wilson’s “Here for the Party” and an instrumental loop of “Billie Jean” and a drop-in of LMFAO’s “Shots.” And remember…louder is better!



To hear longer mixes from DJ Staci, visit her Mixcloud page.



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    San Diego DJ Staci is a mad scientist of raise-the-roof-ology who spins “everybody faves” in a fresh way...including Spanish & country music. Her super-power is getting people to dance like no one is watching. She writes for "Mobile Beat" DJ magazine & BookMoreBrides.com and also owns WeddingBizConsultant.com, CountryDJStaci.com, and DIYWeddingDJMC.com. #GirlBoss Like what DJ Staci writes? Subscribe below!

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