DJ Staci is a full-time, female, bilingual San Diego DJ and MC. In addition to living in Mexico for 7 years (mostly DJing destination weddings in Puerto Vallarta), she trained professionally with both the Scratch Academy & MarBecca Method (the gold standard for special event MCs). DJ Staci has performed everywhere from the Las Vegas strip to the Stagecoach Festival, at celebrity weddings, and for companies like Boost Mobile, L.A. Fitness, and Baskin Robbins. Scroll down to learn more.


DJ Staci in 2009

DJ Staci learned the finer points of not just Spanish music but Mexican music first hand!

DJ Staci got started as a DJ when a guy she was dating invited her to one of his gigs. He was Mexican-American and only knew Spanish music…he needed a DJ partner who knew English music! They became an intercultural, bilingual DJ duo that spent the next year and a half doing English/Spanish events almost exclusively.

“The music choices were perfect, as some of my guests would not have danced otherwise. A lot of people liked the Spanish music, whether they were from either side of the family.”

-Merideth, The Knot

© Brit Jaye Photography – Stella & Jose

From DJ Staci’s time DJing in Puerto Vallarta

DJ Staci lived in Mexico for 7 years!

After her initial training as a bilingual DJ, Staci moved to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, to DJ destination weddings solo. While she was there, she experienced her own Mexican-American wedding…so she knows what it’s like to be the DJ and the bride worrying about bringing together an intercultural, bilingual crowd!

In 2016, 38% of DJ Staci’s weddings were English/Spanish bilingual.

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“Everyone at our wedding keeps telling us how much fun they had and how much they LOVED DJ Staci; and that says A LOT considering DJ Staci had a diverse audience to get out there on the dance floor!”

-Jessica, The Knot

Do you need a bilingual San Diego DJ who can…

teach your gringo guests how to dance the Payaso de Rodeo so they don’t feel left out?
who will howl at the moon with you when “La Puerta Negra” comes on?
who can translate toasts to & from Spanish (it might be with an accent…but DJ Staci gets the job done)?
who can smoothly transition between two completely different sounds without alienating anyone?
who understands that not all Spanish-speaking crowds–or even all Mexican crowds–are the same (you know, there are the Salsa/Merengue crowds, the Banda/Zapateados crowds, the crowds that love Selena & the crowds that don’t, etc)?

…then look no further!

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Not sure you can trust a Gringa with your Spanish music (or to understand why everyone started yelling “Mordida! Mordida!” during the Cake Cutting)?

Check out this blog post “34 Gringo-Friendly Spanish Dance Songs for an Intercultural Mexican Wedding” to get an idea of what DJ Staci might play at your bilingual event…and her understanding of your cultural traditions.